Fine Wine

Understand what happens to your precious cargo, connect with your customers, create brand value and build market share.

Wineries produce their vintages with extraordinary care. Importers are highly selective about the wines included in their portfolio. Monitoring with eProvenance provides consistent data to assure wines have been shipped and stored under optimal conditions and facilitates feedback to channel partners when problems arise.

Our proprietary, scientifically-based algorithm determines if wine is still fresh or if quality may have been compromised, not just whether inappropriate temperatures have been encountered; the resulting eProvenance Score clearly tells you if the wine has been damaged.

Monitoring helps enhance customer loyalty and strengthen brand differentiation by assuring your wines always taste as the winemaker intended.


Monitor and Correct the Cold Chain
-Assure Quality
Create Competitive Differentiation
-Improve Consumer Loyalty
Collect the “Provenance Premium”
-Command Higher Prices
Gather Consumer Insights
-Gain Marketing Advantage
Connect to your target Consumers
-Gain Market Share



Assess current temperature conditions in your distribution chain by monitoring selected types of shipments, packaging, containers, destinations, or other criteria. Audit data shared with your supply chain allows you to promote proper conditions or correct any problems.


Assure the quality of all of your shipments with comprehensive monitoring of conditions in specific supply chains (such as all shipments between Bordeaux and New York). Track conditions and geolocation of important shipments. Differentiate your brand, build intense customer loyalty and create positive buzz by assuring the quality of your Direct to Consumer shipments.

Intelligent Case

Monitor individual high-value cases for up to 15 years to assure the long-term provenance at the case level. Readable by a smartphone, the sensor inside the case monitors the temperature and humidity of fine wines as they travel from the wine producer to the customer. Whenever scanned, the sensor reports temperature data, geolocation, and customer information, all of which you can access easily through a secure, online dashboard.

Tasting Assurance

Monitor shipments going to special tastings or events, or wines being sent for review. Assure the conditions are optimal and quality is not compromised.

Graph 1
Graph 2

This temperature graph clearly shows the monitored shipment experienced multiple periods of unacceptably high temperatures as well as significant fluctuations.

Humidity, shown by the green line, moves out of the acceptable range briefly. Temperature, shown by the blue line, is significantly out of the acceptable range numerous times.

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