Understand what happens to your precious cargo, connect with your customers, create brand value and build market share.

Wineries produce their vintages with extraordinary care. Importers are highly selective about the wines included in their portfolio. However, improper temperature is a top cause of damage to wine shipments. We know monitoring shipments and storage conditions lowers instances of damage and increases customer engagement, which often leads to higher sales.

With monitoring solutions at the container, pallet and case level to fit a wide range of needs and budgets, eProvenance can help assure your shipments are handled properly and facilitate feedback to channel partners when results are good or when problems arise. Whatever the size or the distance of your shipments, we have the solution to fit your needs.

Our proprietary, scientifically-based algorithm determines if wine is still fresh or if quality may have been compromised, not just whether inappropriate temperatures have been encountered; the resulting eProvenance Score (0-100) clearly tells you if there are any changes in wine quality.

Monitoring helps enhance customer loyalty and strengthen brand differentiation by assuring your wines always taste as the winemaker intended.


Assure the quality of your wines in transport and storage
Generate intense customer loyalty
Stimulate sales growth across market segments
Protect brand reputation and build brand loyalty
Customers who appreciate DTC monitoring and return sensors, also purchase 35% more wine!

“I was impressed when I saw the envelope on the delivery and even more so now that I see the results. I have always held your winery in high regard for the quality of your wine. I now add your client service and attention to detail in supporting your clients' total wine experience. Outstanding.“


eProvenance offers monitoring solutions at the container, pallet and case level to fit a wide range of needs and budgets. You get a monitoring program partner and integrated monitoring services, including our advanced analytics and reusable sensors for tracking shipment temperature, a Customer Care Team to handle sensor delivery and collection, and an online dashboard for viewing reports and analysis. Our clients use the resulting insights to inform business decisions, reinforce what is working well, provide feedback to shipping partners or make changes if anything needs improvement.

Assess current temperature conditions in your distribution chain by monitoring a limited number of shipments based on packaging, containers, destinations or other criteria.

Differentiate your brand with a quality commitment you can demonstrate. Protect your brand by assuring shipments for reviews, tastings or special events are optimal and quality is not compromised.

Learn where additional monitoring and changes in shipment practices are needed. Share data with your supply chain to promote proper conditions or correct any problems.

Create positive consumer buzz and build intense customer loyalty with ongoing quality assurance of DTC shipments. Engaged consumers buy more wine!

Graph 1
Graph 1
Graph 2

This temperature graph clearly shows the monitored shipment experienced multiple periods of unacceptably high temperatures as well as significant fluctuations.

This temperature graph shows the monitored shipment experienced optimal temperature conditions throughout the journey.

Humidity, shown by the green line, moves out of the acceptable range briefly. Temperature, shown by the blue line, is significantly out of the acceptable range numerous times.

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Producers – Importers – Distributors – Transporters – Warehousers – Retailers
All have multiple reasons to monitor.