Other Goods

Many goods require exceptional care to protect them from damaging temperatures and humidity.

Our technology is used to monitor the transport of beer, hops, works of art, fine leather goods and other sensitive products. Monitoring with eProvenance provides consistent, critical data on temperature, humidity, shock and geolocation to assure goods have been shipped and stored under appropriate conditions.

  • Are you confident you know the conditions your goods encounter en route?
  • Do you know where your shipments are at all times?
  • Would you benefit from a simple solution to monitor individual items or shipments as they are moved and stored?

From perishable foods to fine art to leather goods, what happens to your precious cargo matters to you and to your customers.

Monitoring with eProvenance provides consistent data to assure goods have been shipped and stored under appropriate conditions.

As an independent and respected service provider, eProvenance can verify conditions of an individual object, several items or a collection during storage and transport. eProvenance has monitored thousands of shipments of prestige goods, collecting millions of temperature data points. This objective data is also accepted as the basis for insurance claims.


Ensuring fine art is accessible for viewing and appreciation by the broadest possible audience, also means preserving it for future generations. Each work of art is unique and irreplaceable. When moved for temporary exhibition to a nearby location or across the world, involving travel for days or months, art needs to be protected against potentially damaging variation in temperature and humidity.

Our technology has been used by museums, including the Centre Pompidou and Le Louvre, to protect fine art by assuring artwork has been shipped, displayed and stored under appropriate conditions.


Analyze data and refine your understanding of what happens to each item, product or shipment.

Develop a view of the conditions of all pieces in a given shipment or in storage.

Gather consumer information and create competitive differentiation.

Protect Sensitive Goods with Top Technology

Our temperature and humidity sensors, along with our geolocation tracker, collect data that is stored and analyzed in our secure, online database. Clients have easy access to results and gain a detailed understanding through a variety of views, reports and graphs.

Monitoring Services

  • Assess temperature conditions during transport, display or storage by monitoring a limited number of selected objects, shipments, packaging, containers, destinations, exhibit area or other criteria. Learn where additional monitoring and changes in shipment practices are needed.
  • Monitor individual items with one sensor for multiple years to provide long-term assessment of conditions.
  • Learn where additional monitoring and changes in shipment practices are needed.
  • Verify effectiveness of protective measures and types of transport (air conditioned, humidified, heated, dry case).
  • Verify intermediate storage conditions (warehouse, freight, transport)
  • Monitor date, time, geolocation of items or shipments to enhance security
  • Monitor and evaluate the commitment of providers and partners
Temperature icon Humidity icon

Example of High Temperatures and Humidity

Graph Humidity, shown by the green line, moves out of the acceptable range briefly. Temperature, shown by the blue line, is significantly out of the acceptable range numerous times.

Site Monitoring for Storage Area

eProvenance Temperature and Humidity Monitoring System:


eProvenance monitors shipments “door-to-door,” continuously registering the environmental conditions during all stages of transport and storage.

Shipments can be followed on the web so you’ll know about problems in temperature, humidity or unexpected deviations in the route throughout the duration of transport and storage. You can intervene if problems arise and thus prevent damage from occurring.

Monitoring of environmental conditions and location

  • Activation and delivery of sensors to the departure point of the goods to be monitored “door to door”
  • Access via smartphone, making it possible to get data at any point along the journey of the items
  • Access to your data through our secure online database
  • Advice and support for the identification of areas for improvement

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