André Tamers, Owner, De Maison Selections

“We believe the future of the wine industry lies in verifiable provenance and traceability. We’ve been using eProvenance services for several years to help us monitor, understand and assure precisely what conditions our wines experience during transport and storage so as to maintain the wine’s quality from the producer to the end consumer, from the grape to the glass.”

Jean-Nicolas Méo, Directeur & Vigneron, Méo-Camuzet

“Les vins de Bourgogne sont très convoités et nos clients ont des attentes élevées en matière de qualité. Notre défi et notre engagement à surveiller et à protéger nos vins vont bien au-delà de leur départ de notre cave. eProvenance nous donne les moyens de connaître les conditions dans lesquelles nos vins évoluent tout au long de la chaîne d'approvisionnement, de comprendre les implications, de prendre des décisions éclairées et de partager des informations précieuses au profit de nos partenaires et de nos clients. Avec les perturbations et les retards extrêmes de ces derniers temps dans la chaîne d'approvisionnement, le suivi est devenu plus important que jamais.”

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Jean-Nicolas Méo, Director & Winegrower, Méo-Camuzet

“The wines of Burgundy are coveted and our customers have correspondingly high expectations for the very best quality. Our challenge and our commitment to monitor and protect our wines goes well beyond their departure from our cellar. eProvenance gives us the means to know the conditions our wines experience moving through the supply chain, understand the implications, make informed decisions and share valuable information to benefit our partners and our customers. With the extreme disruptions and delays of late in the supply chain, monitoring has become more important than ever.”

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Maja Jeramaz, Export & CA Chains Manager at Grgich Hills Estate

Grgich Hills Estate has a long history of excellence and quality. Founder Miljenko “Mike” Grgich first gained international recognition at the celebrated “Paris Tasting” of 1976 when the 1973 Chateau Montelena Chardonnay he crafted was chosen as the finest white wine in the world. After his victory in Paris, he established Grgich Hills and channeled his fierce quality commitment into producing exquisite, richly complex Chardonnays that win awards and delight wine lovers across America and throughout the world.

Grgich Hills Estate continues that quality commitment to this day. In order to assure their wine arrives tasting as their winemaker intended, Grgich has been using eProvenance monitoring services to track their export shipment conditions. The results have been invaluable. In fact, there have been a few instances where monitoring and analysis provided by eProvenance made it possible to keep damaged wine from being sold into the market and also saved Grgich tens of thousands of dollars in costs. When an importer claimed that wine quality issues originated at the winery, Grgich was able to prove the issue stemmed from the importer’s shipping methods, thus clearing Grgich of the expense and keeping the wines off the shelves.“

All in all, monitoring has been really eye-opening and given us a much better view of our wine as it travels across the globe,” said Maja Jeramaz. “In one instance, an order was shipped in extreme heat and we were able to show our importer exactly what the journey looked like. The importer promptly changed shippers due to the information we were able to provide, so in that instance, it not only covered us for the thousands of dollars worth of wine, but protected both her company and Grgich Hills in the future. We also see how monitoring shipments and storage conditions can lower instances of damage – when supply chain partners know you are monitoring quality conditions, it's an incentive for them to do their best,” said Jeramaz.

Burgundy producer

“It was heartbreaking to find out recently that the reefer in which some of our wines were being transported had malfunctioned, but it did allow us to have the wines withdrawn from the market and destroyed, rather than suffer the reputational damage that would have come with heat damaged wines. This would not have been possible without eProvenance temperature monitoring. ”


“eProvenance is a game changer helping to improve transport and storage conditions to protect fine wines. With their innovative monitoring technology and objective expert analysis of the resulting data, eProvenance is moving the wine industry towards best practices that deliver the best quality wine to the consumer.”

Robert Parker,

“Overheating or freezing clearly damages wine, yet wines are too often shipped around the world with less care than cartons of lettuce. eProvenance has a proven technology solution to help remedy this industry-wide problem. This huge step forward in the conversation and protection of wine needs to be adopted by all purveyors of fine wine at every level - from the winery to the broker, the importer to the wholesaler, and of course, to the retailer.”

Tony Parise, The Sorting Table

“With all the care we pour into selecting our wines, we take every precaution to protect their quality during transit. We monitor with eProvenance to validate our investment in refrigerated transport. Our customers associate The Sorting Table with this quality commitment.”

Laurent Ponsot

“You cannot design a living product such as wine, and then lose interest once through the doors of the domaine.”

Michael S. Lasky, Wine Business Monthly

“You can control the optimum conditions for your wine before it leaves your facility or even a third-party warehouse. But once those bottles are on the way to the consumer or trade account, there is no standard for optimum shipping and handling. That’s where benchmarking and adopting new technologies can change how wines are safely transported.”

Joel Payne, The World of Fine Wine

“Ensuring you have perfect storage conditions comes to nothing if your wine endures extremes of temperature before it even gets to you.”