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Wine Storage and Transport Conditions

Our research shows that perfect conditions have been achieved for some shipments and this quality level is a realistic goal. However, the steps necessary to achieve it depend on multiple factors, including the route, the time of year, the mode of transportation and packaging.

Since the pandemic, we’ve seen a significant increase in shipment duration:

  • Pre-Covid = 45% of shipments took 31 days or more
  • Post-Covid = 59% of shipments took 31 days or more

Even once sensors are attached, shipments don’t always leave promptly and the journey is often longer than anticipated. Route changes during the journey have become quite common and lead to dramatic increases in journey length. Furthermore, our customers are not able to get the departure dates they are requesting for their shipments, and are waiting months to be given a date.

All of this means monitoring is more important and more valuable than ever as a way to verify conditions and confirm quality has been protected or identify any problems that have occurred.

eProvenance temperature profile of an excellent shipment from London to Hong Kong Graph

Over the past several years, eProvenance has surveyed the temperature of fine wine sent from France to the US, UK, China, Brazil, and Japan. The results show a wide range of temperature variations. Typically, while the ocean voyage was stable, wide fluctuations appeared both before and after the ocean voyage.

In his Wine Buyer's Guide No. 7, Robert Parker makes the following sobering observation: “Tragically, far too many wines are still damaged by poor transportation and storage… it is a frightening thought, but I have no doubt that a sizeable percentage (between 10 and 25%) [I repeat 10 and 25%!!!!] of the wines sold in America have been damaged because of exposure to extremes of heat."

eProvenance temperature profile of a problematic shipment from Bordeaux to California Graph

Improving Conditions

Our goal is to create an environment of cooperative and continuous improvement in the global wine distribution channels and achieve proper cold chains for wine. eProvenance works with leading producers in Bordeaux, Burgundy, and California, as well as importers, to ensure that wine made with great care reaches the consumer in its original, impeccable condition.

eProvenance Global Statistics
Shipments in 2014 - Temperature Ranges

If you identify problems along your distribution channel, we can help you monitor and analyze your temperature data and then strategize corrective measures.