Supply Chain

Protecting Wine from Supply Chain Issues

The global wine supply chain is chaotic and unpredictable. While facing an unprecedented demand for a smarter, safer supply chain, the wine industry also faces a complex set of logistics challenges, including maintaining proper temperature conditions during transport, data disruptions and a lack of transparency along the journey to the end consumer, all of which have a negative impact on brand reputation and the bottom line.

We’ve all heard about supply chain issues keeping ships waiting outside ports for months, as well as transport delays across roads, rails, air and sea.

The scarcity of containers, reefers and workers often delay shipment departures. Once underway, shipments can take far longer to make each journey and experience backups at ports that cause shippers to change routes, which can lead to offloading containers at unexpected ports. This is especially problematic where an unscheduled port may not have capacity for the reefer to be plugged in.

Keenly aware of how those delays are often compounded in the wine distribution chain, some of our customers have seen a dramatic increase in the length of their wine’s journey from producer to end customer. What’s more, during each of these delays in the journey the opportunity for damage increases. Monitoring with eProvenance allows for peace of mind that the journey went well and, if not, provides the data to inform and support targeted action.


Perhaps you’ve experienced these delays and are concerned about the impact on your wine shipments? The only way to be sure wine quality has been preserved is to monitor conditions during transport and storage. Let us help you monitor the temperature, humidity and/or geolocation of your wines during shipment and storage at the container, pallet or case level.

We analyze the results and provide you with an eProvenance Score that indicates if the wine is likely to have been damaged, not just whether inappropriate temperatures have been encountered. With an extensive database of monitoring results and industry expertise, eProvenance is uniquely able to provide our clients with benchmarks, identify patterns and deliver reports to inform business decisions.


No one wants to open a bottle of wine and discover it’s been cooked. When the supply chain fails to maintain proper temperature conditions, that’s precisely what can happen.


Gain clear insights into transport conditions and resulting wine quality.

Assure wines reach the consumer tasting as their winemaker intended.

Deliver transformative business results and unrivaled peace of mind.

“We believe the future of the wine industry lies in verifiable provenance and traceability. We’ve been using eProvenance services for several years to help us monitor, understand and assure precisely what conditions our wines experience during transport and storage so as to maintain the wine’s quality from the producer to the end consumer, from the grape to the glass.”
André Tamers, owner of De Maison Selections