About Us

Company Overview

Founded to assure fine wines arrive safely at their destination, tasting as the winemaker intended, eProvenance is a leader in the monitoring and analysis of wine shipment conditions. Our patented, award-winning technology solutions also provide critical data on temperature, humidity, shock and geolocation of hops, beer, works of art, fine leather goods and other sensitive products to assure they have been shipped and stored under appropriate conditions.

eProvenance monitoring and analysis deliver clear actionable insights. Our clients use these insights to assess the performance of their global distribution channels, assure quality and asset value, verify provenance, and make analytically informed decisions about shipments to protect their brand.

We’ve all heard about supply chain issues keeping ships waiting outside ports for months, as well as transport delays across roads, rails, air and sea. These delays are often compounded in the wine distribution chain and some of our customers have seen a dramatic increase in the length of their wine’s journey from producer to end customer. What’s more, during each of these delays the wine may be subjected to inappropriate or damaging conditions.

eProvenance is making a difference by monitoring what concerns our customers – be that temperature to verify reefers are used, turned on and providing the contracted conditions, humidity to prevent labels from sliding off, or location to assess routes.

Global Reach

eProvenance has offices in the USA and France, and works with producers, importers and transporters globally. eProvenance holds trademarks and patents for its technology around the world.

Management Team

Robin Grumman Vogt - CEO

Robin is a veteran at overseeing and managing organizations. She's held senior positions integrating marketing, technology, human resources and learning, which is why she can keep everything and everyone connected and running smoothly across multiple offices and multiple times zones in two countries. Her strong intellect matched by her innate empathy, make her uniquely adept at seeing all sides of a situation and leading the team forward. Topping off her qualifications, Robin also happens to possess an exceptional ability to perceive flavors, aromas and general characteristics of a wine. Currently, Robin is the Maître of the Commanderie de Bordeaux à Boston.

Tim Mills - VP of Software Development

Tim has 20+ years of executive leadership in Software Development organizations from start-ups to mid-sized corporations. He's accustomed to providing high-level strategic oversight while maintaining day-to-day engagement with customers and partners, as well as operations with product owners, technical leads, architects and software developers. An army veteran, animal lover and musician, Tim has a collection of Baroque and Renaissance lutes he hopes to get back to playing someday.

Louise Domenitz - Director of Marketing

With a deep background in French, Art History, High Tech, Marketing and PR, Louise brings the perfect blend of insight and know-how to get the word out and get the job done. She's been with the company since day one, wearing many hats and managing all manner of marketing initiatives with diligence and passion. When she's not in the office, you are likely to find her teaching yoga or off on a hike.

Eric E. Vogt - Founder and Member of the Board

A serial entrepreneur with a winning track record, Eric is passionate about solving problems — be they mathematical equations, technology solutions, wine chemistry or sailing charts. With a keen mind and engaging personality, Eric is always game for the next adventure and is usually the one to make it happen. Knighted by the French Minister of Agriculture for his service to the wine regions of France, Eric is also the Grand Maître of the Commanderie de Bordeaux aux Étas-Unis and a long-time wine educator. Immersed in the Mayan culture with his anthropologist father at a young age, Eric went on to serve in the US Navy during Vietnam, receive degrees from Harvard College and Harvard Business School, start several high tech companies and enjoy a long career in leadership consulting and business strategy, including at BCG, all of which contributed to his distinctive blend of vision, creativity and determination.

Bertrand Déchery - Non-Executive Chairman of the Board

An owner of two Premier Cru vineyards in Burgundy, Bertrand is committed to the care and protection of fine wine. He is also committed to a business methodology deeply informed by his Sciences-Po diploma, law degree and Harvard MBA, and honed through his experience as CEO of Guy Degrenne, and as strategy consultant with BCG and Cresap. He has built several companies from the ground up and amassed an extensive professional network along the way. Beyond business, he loves tennis, golf and sailing.