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We have multiple positions open for software and hardware development engineers.

Software Engineering

Web Developers

Our system monitors a large number of sensors on journeys around the world with many millions of datapoints on temperature, humidity and other environmental factors. We capture environmental information, as well as shipping information ranging from geolocation to location within a container, whether the shipment is travelling in a "dry" container or refrigerated.

We are seeking a senior level engineer who is passionate about building desktop and mobile web applications. You must have a great esthetic for clean design that can convey a lot of information. You must be capable of architecting and implementing using both Python/Django (what we're moving towards) while maintaining our existing Perl/Mason system. We are a startup and you will be one of only a few members of the engineering team. You should know what that means. You must be capable of writing clean, structured and performant code. We're looking to enhance our product, not build a prototype.

Firmware Developers

We design and manufacture our own sensors because they have unique characteristics not otherwise available on the market. Hence, we also write our own firmware to run the devices.

For this position we are seeking a senior engineer who can write embedded firmware. You must be familiar with programming at the lowest level, such as configuring devices via their command and status registers. You must be familiar with SPI and I2C. You should be comfortable using a logic analyzer.

Mobile Developers

Our solution reads sensors equipped with NFC tags, uploads that data to our servers and shows the provenance history of the attached object. We seek an experienced full-time Android developer to expand our mobile solution. In addition, if Apple opens their NFC API to read and write NFC tags, we'll expand to developing iOS apps as well.

Hardware Engineering

We have a contract opening for an electronics designer to assist in the development of our next sensor products. Must be experienced working with Eagle CAD, capable of doing PCB layout, etc. Experience with NFC, BLE and 4G/LTE desired.

Customer Service

Customer Service Liaison (CSL)

Does working directly with customers energize you? Do you enjoy working with technology and data? Do you like to optimize process and provide exceptional service? Can you work well independently and communicate effectively with internal team members to keep them informed and leverage supporting resources as needed? We're looking for someone who likes to be in the game, own the challenges and keep things running like clockwork. The CSL plays an essential role in daily operations. The CSL must support customers through implementation, keep tabs on all aspects of our monitoring service and establish a strong rapport with each customer to facilitate consistent communication. The CSL needs to work efficiently and accurately while maintaining a positive and enthusiastic attitude. Fluency in English, computer skills (including MS Office), and experience with web and smartphone based applications required. If you've got those skills together with demonstrated experience providing excellent customer service, we'd like to hear from you.


Sales and Alliance Director

It’s all about relationships — seeking them out, building them up and keeping them going. Alliances are for the long term; managing the interests of all stakeholders means being both a lobbyist and a diplomat. We’re looking for an expert in alliances who is also a sales pro with a proven track record and a deep understanding of software/hardware sales cycles. The right person for this role excels at strategic planning as well as implementation, and communicates effectively (preferably in more than one language). Knowledge of the wine industry, including transport and storage issues, is key; familiarity with the insurance world is a plus. Proficiency with Sales Management software and techniques, as well as general business apps, a must. If you’ve got the experience, skills and personality to help us grow sales and alliances on an international basis, we’d like to hear from you.

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