VinAssure™ creates a wine industry ecosystem to optimize traceability, efficiency and profitability across the wine supply chain.

The global wine supply chain is chaotic and unpredictable. While facing an unprecedented demand for a smarter, safer supply chain, the wine industry also faces a complex set of logistics challenges, including maintaining proper temperature conditions during transport, data disruptions and a lack of transparency along the journey to the end consumer, all of which have a negative impact on brand reputation and the bottom line.

To resolve these wine supply chain issues and enhance opportunities through a collaborative network, eProvenance created the VinAssure™ blockchain solution. VinAssure™ connects participants across the wine supply chain through a permissioned, permanent and shared record of data.

Designed to improve transparency from grape to glass, VinAssure™ helps drive down logistics costs and incentivize excellent handling to assure wine quality, no matter where the wine travels.


Building a successful wine ecosystem that encourages and rewards participation also requires giving members control over what data they share. Roles in the wine supply chain can overlap and fluctuate such that today’s partner can be tomorrow’s competitor. With “doors” that can be open or shut to other members in the network, VinAssure™ preserves sensitive information, such as pricing, which members may not wish to share. Incentives for sharing information and meeting performance expectations are built into the platform. VinAssure™ can even incorporate “smart contracts” that execute automatically when conditions of satisfaction are reached.


Increase traceability, efficiency and profitability in the wine supply chain.

Assure wines reach the consumer tasting as their winemaker intended.

Deliver transformative business results and unrivaled peace of mind.

Connecting the Wine Industry with blockchain

As VinAssure™ membership grows, supply chain members and consumers will be able to access information spanning from the vineyard through transport and delivery, which is validated and stored on the blockchain. Using existing identifiers, such as a QR code on the bottle, consumers can learn, for example, about the wine’s provenance and flavor profiles, or if it meets certification standards for organic, biodynamic or sustainability practices.

No one wants to open a bottle of wine and discover it’s been cooked. When the supply chain fails to maintain proper temperature conditions, that’s precisely what can happen. VinAssure™ is designed to bring collaboration and clarity to an often-chaotic supply chain. The sensitivity of the product, the number of actors, the complex logistics challenges and a convoluted patchwork of regulations across the USA and from country to country, are all factors that play into the need for a wine industry ecosystem.

“We believe the future of the wine industry lies in guaranteed provenance, transparency and traceability. VinAssure™ makes it possible for our distribution partners and end consumers to see, understand and appreciate what went into crafting the wines they buy and what it takes for us to maintain the wine’s quality from the vineyard to the glass.”
André Tamers, owner of De Maison Selections