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Company Background

Combining a passion for fine wine, entrepreneurial savvy and technology expertise, Eric Vogt founded eProvenance to assure fine wines arrive safely at their destination, tasting as the winemaker intended. As the business progressed, Bertrand Déchery joined the company to expand its reach throughout Europe and now heads up eProvenance SAS.

eProvenance has developed patented technology and assembled an exceptional team to offer global services for monitoring and analysis of shipment conditions during transport and storage. Results are accessible via a comprehensive, secure online database. Conditions and geolocation of fine goods can be tracked for each case or pallet, or for an entire shipment.

The Team

Robin Grumman Vogt - CEO

Robin is a veteran at overseeing and managing organizations. She's held senior positions integrating marketing, technology, human resources and learning, which is why she can keep everything and everyone connected and running smoothly across multiple offices and multiple times zones in two countries. Her strong intellect matched by her innate empathy, make her uniquely adept at seeing all sides of a situation and leading the team forward. Topping off her qualifications, Robin also happens to possess an exceptional ability to perceive flavors, aromas and general characteristics of a wine.

Eric E. Vogt - Founder and Member of the Board

A serial entrepreneur with a winning track record, Eric is passionate about solving problems — be they mathematical equations, technology solutions, wine chemistry or sailing charts. With a keen mind and engaging personality, Eric is always game for the next adventure and is usually the one to make it happen. Knighted by the French Minister of Agriculture for his service to the wine regions of France, Eric is also the Maître of the Commanderie de Bordeaux à Boston and a long-time wine educator. Immersed in the Mayan culture with his anthropologist father at a young age, Eric went on to serve in the US Navy during Vietnam, receive degrees from Harvard College and Harvard Business School, start several high tech companies and enjoy a long career in leadership consulting and business strategy, including at BCG, all of which contributed to his distinctive blend of vision, creativity and determination.

Bertrand Déchery - Non-Executive Chairman of the Board

An owner of two Premier Cru vineyards in Burgundy, Bertrand is committed to the care and protection of fine wine. He is also committed to a business methodology deeply informed by his Sciences-Po diploma, law degree and Harvard MBA, and honed through his experience as CEO of Guy Degrenne, and as strategy consultant with BCG and Cresap. He has built several companies from the ground up and amassed an extensive professional network along the way. Beyond business, he loves tennis, golf and sailing.

Joseph Boykin - Vice President, Engineering

Joseph is a seasoned engineering leader and technologist who has founded several companies, built engineering teams, defined new product lines, and led product development organizations through significant growth. As a technologist, Joseph is recognized for his expertise in scalable operating systems, networks and distributed computing. Joseph is also an EMT, an expert diver and, equally important, he is a serious collector of vintage port. 1945 Butler & Nephew, anyone?

Douglas Cook - Chief Technology Officer

Doug has more than 25 years experience in the high tech industry, the last 15 focused on building world-class search technology and top-notch engineering teams. He has held various leadership roles at Silicon Graphics, Inktomi, Yahoo!, and Twitter. Passionate about food and wine, Doug is an excellent cook and holds the Diploma from the Wine & Spirits Education Trust.

Louise Domenitz - Director of Marketing

With a deep background in French, Art History, High Tech, Marketing and PR, Louise brings the perfect blend of insight and know-how to get the word out and get the job done. She's been with the company since day one, wearing many hats and managing all manner of marketing initiatives with diligence and passion. When she's not in the office, you are likely to find her teaching yoga or off on a hike.

Cristin Connors - Business Development

With 20+ years in sales, advertising and marketing, Cristin understands how to build relationships and pinpoint the best solutions for each customer. From luxury goods to boutique wines to high-tech products, Cristin has learned the ropes and brought in the sales. Her megawatt smile opens doors and her friendly good nature engages clients and colleagues alike. Fine red wine makes her happy, as does playing tennis, jogging, boating and spending time with her family and her Labrador, Hudson, who wishes she were home more often. Cristin is also a Certified Specialist of Wine.

Cyrielle Siot - Customer Service Engineer

Cyrielle has a strong background in winery management, quality control and laboratory research. Nothing gets by her and everything that needs her attention gets it. A highly collaborative, agile thinker, Cyrielle is quick to figure out how to handle any situation and then communicates effectively with our clients and internal team members. Based in our Bordeaux office since 2013, she has been responsible for technical support and project management for eProvenance clients worldwide. At home, her creativity and attention to detail are transposed into gardening and all kinds of handiwork. A fan of the outdoors, she takes full advantage of the beautiful countryside where she lives near the Atlantic Coast.

Charlène Arnaud - Business Development

Managing a wine estate and working in a wine shop are among the ways Charlène has put her Masters in Wine Business to good use. At eProvenance, she is pouring her expertise into new business development. Charlène enjoys traveling to new places, discovering new wines and hosting good friends for dinner. She recently moved from Bordeaux to Paris and loves the City of Light!

Martine Audebert - Administration & HR

Martine has 35 years of experience in administration, HR and accounting. She provides administrative support for everyone at eProvenance headquarters in Paris and makes sure the company plays by the many, many, many rules of doing business in France. She is a wine lover (especially Gewürztraminer!) and enjoys playing golf and travelling.

Mitchell Kotler - Software Engineer

Logical thinking and algorithmic design top the list of skills Mitch brings to software projects at eProvenance, followed by a good helping of ingenuity and plenty of diligence. Beyond his Masters in Engineering from Cornell, it's the Intro to Wines course that really qualified him to join our team. When not lifting a glass, Mitch can be found power lifting at the gym or on the lift slope side.

Daniel Easa - Customer Service Associate

Daniel has the quintessential can-do attitude. His eagerness to keep things running smoothly for clients is matched only by his affable nature. Responsible for technical support and project management for eProvenance clients in the USA, Daniel is resourceful and at the ready. In addition to enjoying fine wines and craft beer, Daniel loves the outdoors and takes any excuse to escape the confines of walls. An avid skier and scuba diver, he has been teaching both for over 20 years and has traveled the world to pursue his hobbies. When on local turf he likes to run and bike with his wife.

Julie Magis - Customer Service Engineer

With a background in sales, customer service and inventory management, Julie has equal parts “people skills” and “process skills.” She understands methodology and knows how to build strong working relationships. At eProvenance, she helps ensure that service implementation is smooth sailing. She is all about bringing a smile to customers' faces. Music, films, nature and time with her family all bring a smile to hers.

Employment Opportunities

Customer Service Liaison (CSL)

Does working directly with customers energize you? Do you enjoy working with technology and data? Do you like to optimize process and provide exceptional service? Can you work well independently and communicate effectively with internal team members to keep them informed and leverage supporting resources as needed? We're looking for someone who likes to be in the game, own the challenges and keep things running like clockwork. The CSL plays an essential role in daily operations. The CSL must support customers through implementation, keep tabs on all aspects of our monitoring service and establish a strong rapport with each customer to facilitate consistent communication. The CSL needs to work efficiently and accurately while maintaining a positive and enthusiastic attitude. Fluency in English, computer skills (including MS Office), and experience with web and smartphone based applications required. If you've got those skills together with demonstrated experience providing excellent customer service, we'd like to hear from you.

Sales and Alliance Director

It’s all about relationships — seeking them out, building them up and keeping them going. Alliances are for the long term; managing the interests of all stakeholders means being both a lobbyist and a diplomat. We’re looking for an expert in alliances who is also a sales pro with a proven track record and a deep understanding of software/hardware sales cycles. The right person for this role excels at strategic planning as well as implementation, and communicates effectively (preferably in more than one language). Knowledge of the wine industry, including transport and storage issues, is key; familiarity with the insurance world is a plus. Proficiency with Sales Management software and techniques, as well as general business apps, a must. If you’ve got the experience, skills and personality to help us grow sales and alliances on an international basis, we’d like to hear from you.

We're hiring engineers!

We have multiple positions open for software development engineers.

We're looking for experienced and enthusiastic developers to help extend and enhance our web based software, mobile software, and embedded software.

Mobile Developers

Our solution reads sensors equipped with NFC tags, uploads that data to our servers and shows the provenance history of the attached object.

But we want more of the solution to be mobile based and to do so we need an experienced full-time Android developer. If Apple opens an API to their NFC sensor, we'll expand to developing iOS apps as well.

Intrigued by our mission? Passionate about protecting fine wine and other goods? Interested in working with us? At eProvenance we have assembled a terrific, creative, energetic team that is devoted to improving the provenance of fine wines and fine goods - for our customers, for the market, for the consumer.

Email us and tell us why you would make a wonderful addition to our team!