Assuring the provenance of fine wine

eProvenance technology monitors
the temperature of wines during transit and storage, from producer to consumer.

"Overheating or freezing clearly damages wine, yet wines are too often shipped around the world with less care than cartons of lettuce. eProvenance has a proven technology solution to help remedy this industry-wide problem. This huge step forward in the conservation and protection of wine needs to be adopted by all purveyors of fine wine at every level - from the winery to the broker, the importer to the wholesaler, and of course, to the retailer."
- Robert Parker

-Jancis Robinson praises eProvenance.
-Robert Parker endorses eProvenance.

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Grégory Pasquier, La Vigne, March 2014

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Joel B Payne, World of Fine Wine, March 2013

Moving Wine is a Risky Business

Christy Canterbury MW, Decanter, February 2013

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